BUSR Sportsbook Review


If you are a horse-racing fanatic, BUSR is the sportsbook for you. Its market coverage is excellent, with nearly every major US and international race covered, including exotic bets. While its overall sportsbook selection is light in terms of proposition wagers and market depth, BUSR is still well worth checking out for its extensive horse racing coverage.

Free bets

A free bet is a promotional offer that is given by a sportsbook to new players. These free bets are usually in the form of bonus money or tokens. You can use these bets to place your first bets on games at the sportsbook, but you can’t always guarantee winning. Fortunately, some sportsbooks let you place multiple free bets at the same time. In this way, you can try out different sportsbooks and increase your chances of winning.

Before placing a bet, be sure to read the terms and conditions of any free bet offer you’re considering. There are often restrictions as to what types of wagers are allowed. For example, some sportsbooks don’t allow you to place bets on football games, while others may only accept bets on baseball games.

Parlay cards

When you’re looking for a convenient way to place multiple bets, sportsbook parlay cards are an excellent choice. These cards are available at most retail sportsbooks. Each leg of the parlay is bet using a separate card, and when you’re done, you present the card to the ticket writer along with the total bet.

There are a few different types of parlay cards available. One popular type is the two-team parlay, which involves two teams. This type of card can contain a total and a moneyline, and it’s particularly popular during football season. Many sportsbooks are incorporating parlay cards into their mobile sports wagering applications.


Cryptocurrencies are a new way to wager on sports games. Many sportsbooks are already accepting them. Others are experimenting with them. The gambling industry is always eager to explore new revenue streams and cryptocurrencies have become popular in recent years. In fact, the gambling industry was the first mainstream industry to accept cryptocurrencies.

Although some jurisdictions may consider crypto-bet sites illegal, there are other jurisdictions that view them as legal. In Colorado, for example, regulators have approved the use of cryptocurrency by sportsbooks that use third-party processors.

Customer service

If you’re having problems placing bets with your sportsbook, there are several ways you can reach them. You can use their email or live chat function. However, there are some people who prefer to make a paper trail of correspondence. Regardless of which method you prefer, make sure you’re respectful and considerate of others’ feelings.

The way customer service is handled at a sportsbook can make or break your experience with them. The best sportsbooks have customer service representatives that have experience and a positive attitude. This makes new bettors feel more comfortable and encourages repeat business.